About J.A Wright

A little bit more on J.A Wright;

She has always had a love for reading. Whenever she catches a break between her busy schedule you’ll find her hiding with a book in hand.

Aside from reading she also loves to bake treats of all kinds, spending 5 years in culinary school. Her first dream is to one day become an amazing author, her second dream is to one day own her own bakery.

Eating, gardening & martial arts are also on her list of favorite things to do.

Food is her friend. She likes to make food but she really loves to eat it more. You can find her in the kitchen at all hours of the day and night.

She’s curreclty attempting to grow an organic vergetable & herb garden.

J.A Wright is a martial artist, she currently has her Second Degree Brown Belt in Tae Kwon Do and a Red Belt in Hapkido. Her goal is to one day achieve Black Belt in both.

She is also a mother to a little girl. Her daughter is her reason to live, even though some days she can be a pain in the rear end. J.A Wright, writes for her daughter, to show her that dreams come true and that if she really wants something, it’s possible to achieve it.


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